The Legend of the Seeds of Banana Manggala

Once upon a time, banana Manggala was known as the most delicious banana, the best among the others. Its taste was sweet and nice. It had also a tempting smell. In addition it could ripe itself. We didn’t have to ripe it again using carbide after we harvested.

Because of those factors, banana Manggala was not allowed to plant and eat freely. At that time banana Manggala was only for the king. Beside the king and his family. No one was allowed to plant and eat it, even nobles; moreover ordinary people. Those who broke this rule would have had a great punishment.

One day, this kingdom had been striken by diarrhea disease. All of the people who got this disease was not able to survive. If they got it in the morning, they would have died in the afternoon, and so on. Witchdoctor and physician were not able to cure them. Medicine and spell were not working. Only the king and his family survived. They were good and healthy.

When the royal servants reported that their citizen had been striken by this disease, the king was angry. He thought that they’re lying. Even they were sent to prison because they were considered as traitors and had been humiliating the king. The king thought if his people were heavily sick, he and his family should have been sick, too.

Because of this arrest, all of citizens had no bravery to tell this catastrophe to the king. They kept all of their sickness and suffering by themselves. Then the disaster was getting worse and worse. Dead victims were getting more and more.

A hermit came to the kingdom when the disaster was in the worst condition. He left his hermitage because he couldn’t stand anymore to see people suffering. He told the citizens that the cure of the disease was banana Manggala. They were sad and happy hearing this solution. They were happy because there was a hope to get cured, and sad because everybody knew that it’s the king’s food only. Ordinary people were forbidden to eat it. If they were caught eating it, they would have got dead punishment.

Most of the people were stubborn to eat banana Manggala. They didn’t care if they would have died because of it. They thought they would be a deadman at the end, whether by the disease or king’s punishment. At least they had tried and wouldn’t die with curiousity. Then the people grabbed and ate all king’s banana Manggala. They ate it voraciously. Soon, their illness were cured. They were no longer suffering.

When the king heard about this, he became very angry. He ordered his troops to catch the leader of this rebelion.

“I’ll be responsible for this. I will receive king’s punishment”, said the hermit.

Then he gave in himself to king’s troops right away. He didn’t want the innocent people to be punished, too. So, he took all the responsibility.

The king decided to give dead punishment to the hermit by hanging him in the banana lawn.

“Before I die, I want to tell something to all of you”, said the hermit before the executor put in the rope surrounding his neck.

“Go ahead! Tell what you want!”, said the king.

While taking a grab of soil, then throwing it toward the banana trees, the hermit said, “From now on, banana Manggala is not only king’s food, but it’s for all mankind! Even the king won’t like it anymore except he turns into a bat!”

After the hermit’s last word, all of a sudden the king and his family turned into bats. They flew while making some noises. Then the hermit was gone with no one knew where he’d gone.

Since that moment, banana Manggala has had seeds in its flesh. In spite of its seeds, people still like it, and of course the bats, too. And until today it still become a curer for diarrhea disease.

Maca ieu dina basa Sunda


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