A Dream Come True

Have you ever had a dream come true? Well, at least I had it 3 times (I guess so). But, unfortunately, the dreams were not the good one. All of them were about three girls that I loved, but I had to let them go with another man. Poor me. (T.T) . Anyhow, let bygones be bygones. I realized that all of these were the destiny for me, and I can accept that because anything that happened to me was the best of God’s decision for me.

Why people have a dream?

There is no reason why we have a dream, but there is a fact says that a dream couldn’t happen in the real live and couldn’t be controlled. Though, there are some people who have consciousness during their dream so that they can control their dream and feel it as if it’s a reality. Experts said that dream occurs because our brain is still working while we are sleeping. They said that people approximately dream as long as six years during their whole live or two hours every night. However, they still can’t answer which part of the brain that control it.

Freud said that dream is a security line of human’s emotions, where the leashed emotions during their awakening can be healthy unleashed through it. Dream, which is called sleep mentation by most experts, has something to do with emotions. It’s said that the quality of dream is affected by the state of emotion before someone goes to bed. Someone who restless often has a fierce dream so that the proses of sleeping is interrupted and awakened in the midnight. But if someone often has a bad dream, it’s not always that he is depressed or worried. It can be caused by his hobby of watching horror movies. (^_^)

Why people fail to make their dream come true?

First: We usually relate what happen now with the past. When we have something that important to realize we often can’t escape from the shadow of the past. We remember our hard live, limited access, previous failures and finally the reasons of our unsuccessful.

Second: We scare and worry of something. Before we do something, we often have an overwhelming fear and dismay. What if I’m failed? What would people say about me? Would they laugh on me? I will be more frustrated if I have struggled and then got failed, etc.

Third: We let other people intimidate us. We often let them say the words that could let us down and mess our focus, moreover destroy our dream. You can be successful, don’t you even dream about it, do the usual ones, it’s too big and hard to reach, etc.

Fourth: We can’t do something until the end. This is the most happening in our live. We start it with a large enthusiasm and enduring spirit. But when we face a handicap, we give up easily. We can’t stand to suffer and won’t pay the price so we just let it go.

Fifth: We have a laziness. One of our habit and old-school disease is putting up the works and plans that have been scheduled. We assumed that we have a lot of time so that we never start working or it’s too late to start.

Can we make our dream come true?

Of course we can make our dream come true. If we want to realize our dreams, we have to crush five mental blocks above and exchange it with five new habits that would be the turnkey of change that force us to realize our dream right now!

First: Focus to your goals and future. Think what you really want, arrange a work plan, find your potency and superiority, find a good strategy, and think about all of the risk that could be taken.

Second: Believe and be 100% sure that you can. Assurance is the main asset to get anything you want. Anything that impossible in this live can be possible by struggling to reach it.

Third: Just do it as you wish. Follow your heart, deaf your ears from negative and pessimist people around you. Remember: A great pleasure in life is doing what other people say you can’t do it, so just do It! Make a new record in your life history.

Fourth: Finish what you’ve started. Be brave to pay the cost and own a spirit of champions. Remember: The winner never quit, and quitter never win! Don’t you ever move your eyes from the finish line, even a second.

Fifth: Start now, start right away. Do anything you’ve planned. Remember: Action is power! Actually a success man is not a great man, but he is a man that always takes an action and start earlier so that he is one step ahead us.

-Asep Saripudin-


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