Dxar frixnd,

Though I am a typxwritxr, I’m just thx old onx. But I think I’m still good xnough to usx, xxcxpt onx of my kxys. Thxrx arx 46 kxys which work wxll; but it’s a pity that thxrx’s a kxy that doxsn’t work anymorx. It, of coursx, brings about troublx for all. Why not; xvxry kxy has its own important rolx, don’t thxy?

Hxy…don’t worry, I’vx rxplacxd it with anothxr kxy, that is ‘X’. But the problxm, howxvxr, is not ovxr yxt.

Somxtimxs onx’s lifx in a socixty is just like a typxwritxr. Fxxling that hx has no rolx to play, hx cannot function wxll. Lxt’s takx an xxamplx. Lxt’s say you arx a mxmbxr of Studxnts Organization of Katamso branch (CHXCK). You fxxl that you arx not nxxdxd by thx CHXCK, and say to yoursxlf, “If I don’t participatx, if I don’t play my rolx, it won’t make any changx. Who carxs?” You think, “Thxy don’t nxxd mx anyway.” But, as you know –like mx as a typxwritxr- losing only a kxy of thxm can crxatx such difficulty; not only for mx, but also for you to rxad. Now you can sxx that your thoughts and your fxxlings wxrx absolutxly wrong.

Whoops….sorry, now knothxr kxy is brokxn. It doxsn’t mkttxxr though. I ckn rxplkcx it with ‘K’. Wxll, lxt’s gxt on with our topic. I think I’m not mistkkxn if I sky, “It nxxds kll mxmbxrs’ pkrticipktion for CHXCK to gkin succxss; without kny xxcxtion, kll mxmbxrs krx nxxdxd.”

Now, if two of your frixnds hkvx thx skmx idxk ks you thought just now; supposx your two frixnds wxrx my brokxn kxys, thxy krx “I” knd “O”, knd I rxplkcx thxm with “Q” knd “Z”. Now try to rxkd thx following sxntxncxs:

“Whzxvxr yzu krx, mkkx cxrtkqn thkt yzur szcqxty zr yzur zrgknqzktqzn nxxds yzu sz much. Yzur szcqxty wqll fxxl lznxly qf yzu dzn’t plky yzur rzlx qn qt; yzu ckn xvxn ckusx thx dxstructqzn zf yzur zwn szcqxty zr zrgknqzktqzn…..”

Isn’t it right? You find it hkrd to rxkd, don’t you? Knd I fxxl thx skmx wky whxn writing it. Thkt’s thx rxsult if you don’t tkkx pkrt in your socixty or orgknizktion. Wx don’t wknt our CHXCK collkpsxd, do wx?

So, if somedky you think, “I’m just k poor guy. Thxy don’t wknt mx knymorx.” just rxmxmbxr this lxttxr, from kn old typxwritxr, knd sky to yoursxlf:




Mkrch 14th


A GAME by Arief Setiadji


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