About Us

Hello, good people!

My name is Asep. But, since Asep is a very popular name in Bandung that many men have it as their name, my friends usually call me AszchzseP to differ me from the other Asep(s).

I provide an English to Indonesian translation service, specializing in social science and humanity, accounting, business, and finance. I have been running my professional service since 2013, and I work with CAT Tools to make my work easier and consistent.

Though I haven’t been certified yet, I have worked for quite a few end clients from various sectors. With a quite affordable service fee, this proves that you can rely on my translation work. In addition, I have written a self-learning daily English conversation book and built several WordPress-based websites.

I dedicated this blog for those who love English, Sundanese, and of course Indonesia. Why I dedicate it for them? Because English is the foreign language that I study; Sundanese is my mother tongue, tribe and culture; and Indonesia is the country where I live in. You can find anything about English, Sundanese, Indonesia, translation, freelance world, and product reviews, recommendations, and deals. I hope this blog will be useful for you all.

Enjoy my blog, good people!